Construction Adhesives

Liquid Nails® Landscape


A premium grade, high strength construction adhesive that delivers a weather resistant, strong, flexible and shock resistance bond that is useful in many landscaping projects.


Ideal for landscape jobs such as:

  • Stabilise stone and interlocking masonry retaining walls
  • Bonding pavers to concrete
  • Bonding capstones to wall
  • Repairing rockeries
  • Seal between treated pine logs to reduce soil loss
  • Stabilise loose stone steps

Product Range

Product Code: 9300697115201

  • Size & Pack Type: 415g cartridge
  • Color: Grey

Technical Features

  • Strengthens and increases the life of dry stone and interlocking masonry walls
  • High flexibility to withstand seasonal movement and temperature extremes
  • Excellent adhesion to sound concrete and similar materials
  • UV resistant and long lasting in all weather extremes
  • Low odour during application
  • Non corrosive
  • Gap filling

Application Tips

  • Cannot be painted over
  • Not recommended for permanent water immersion applications
  • If re-positioning materials, fresh adhesive must be applied to achieve bonding
  • Not suitable for adhering loose soft crumbly materials
  • New concrete etc will not adhere to cured adhesive
  • All surfaces must be sound, dry and free from oil, grease, loose powdery material.
  • If necessary, use mineral turpentine to clean surface and allow to dry.
  • Cut cartridge tip, fit nozzle and cut nozzle tip to a suitable size opening (approximately 5mm).
  • Place cartridge into caulking gun.
  • Apply ‘dobs’ or ‘beads’ of adhesive of appropriate thickness to ensure sufficient contact and spread between both surfaces. (To minimise ‘squeezed out’ apply at least 12mm in from edges)
  • Immediately bring surfaces together before product skins (within 5 minutes) and apply sufficient pressure to spread between both surfaces
  • Do not wipe ‘squeeze out’. Wait until product cures and remove by trimming with a sharp blade, but avoid cutting into the bond.
  • Leave bond undisturbed until adhesive cures sufficiently. Do not allow traffic on stairs or use of walls for at least 24 hours after adhesive application.
  • Do not apply to wet/damp surfaces

Technical Details and Performance

Liquid Nails Landscape will skin and begin curing within 5 minutes. Full cure will normally be achieved in 72 hours.

Indicative information only, not to be used for setting specifications.

Consistency (As applied)

Non-slump, solvent free paste

Curing Mechanism

Very rapidly develops rubber consistency by reaction with moisture from the air

Curing Rate

2mm depth per day

Skin Forming Time

10-15 minutes (depending on weather conditions)

Service Temperature

–60°C to +150°C

Lap Shear Bond Strength (Hoop Pine to Hoop Pine at 1.6mm thick adhesive, 500sq mm bond area)

After 7 days: 570KPa


15 metres of a 5mm diameter bead


Clean all excess adhesive from equipment before it cures with a cloth dampened with mineral turpentine or acetone. Once cured adhesive is extremely difficult to remove and must be abraded or trimmed with a knife. Spilt of smeared adhesive is best left to cure and then removed by abrasion.

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