Construction Adhesives

Pro-Spec® Strong-Fix


PRO-SPEC STRONG-FIX is a solvent based construction adhesive with a non-runny consistency. It is brown in colour as applied and is suitable for bonding wood panelling, plywood, plasterboard, fibre cement, wooden flooring applications, ceramic tiles as well as general wood repair.


PRO-SPEC STRONG-FIX is a multi-purpose professional grade building adhesive suitable for bonding wood panelling, plywood, plasterboard, wooden flooring applications, ceramic tiles as well as general wood repair.

It can be used as the sole means of bonding (as a contact adhesive) or in conjunction with mechanical fasteners, or where nails or screws are then used to support the weight until full cure is completed (as a wet bond adhesive).

PRO-SPEC STRONG-FIX would typically be used for the following applications:

  • Sheet flooring to joists
  • Timber or fibre cement sheeting to cement block or brick walls
  • Masonite to timber
  • Wallboard or panelling to wood frames
  • Cork tiles to timber, fibre cement or plaster
  • Tempered hardboard to floorboards
  • In the groove of tongue and groove flooring as it is installed to avoid later squeaking

Product Range

Product Code: 9300697112545

  • Size & Pack Type: 320g cartridge
  • Colour: Tan

Product Code: 9300697117038

  • Size & Pack Type: 900g cartridge
  • Colour: Tan

Technical Features

  • Minimal nailing
  • Fast cure
  • Economical formula
  • Bridges gaps up to 9mm hence can be used on rough and ill-fitting construction materials
  • Dried adhesive is paintable

Application Tips

  • Should not be applied at temperatures below –5oC
  • For heavy loads mechanical fasteners must be used
  • Not recommended for bonding styrene, foam or copper based substrates. For Styrene foam use SELLEYS LIQUID NAILS FAST.
  • Bonds weaken at high temperatures. Avoid bonding metals or heavy materials which will be heated by direct sun, e.g. metal roofing and siding.
  • Not suitable for bonding materials in areas which will be constantly damp or wet
  • Not recommended as a joinery adhesive

Technical Details and Performance

Indicative information only, not to be used for setting specifications.

  • Blend of synthetic resins and fillers dispersed in liquid hydrocarbon
  • Brown coloured thixotropic paste
  • Shelf-life 12 months
  • Open-time 20 – 30 minutes


For flooring applications the adhesive should be used in conjunction with the flooring manufacturers specifications for minimum nailing requirements

Working strength is usually achieved within 24 hours and the joint will continue to gain strength for 2-3 days. Time to achieve full strength is increased: at low temperatures; when thick applications are used; wide areas are bonded; when bonded surfaces are impervious (e.g. metals and dense timbers).

Use as a Contact Adhesive

Surfaces should be pressed together and then pulled apart for 3-5 minutes to allow solvent evaporation. After 3-5 minutes firmly press the two surfaces together and lightly tap along the joints. Note: Surfaces should not be kept apart for longer than 20 minutes as to do so will impair bond strength.

Clean Up

PRO-SPEC STRONG-FIX may be cleaned up using mineral turps within 1 hour. When dry it may be removed by scraping or sanding.


A 320g cartridge will give a 5mm diameter bead approximately 15 to 20 linear metres long. This would be sufficient to apply approximately 6 square metres of wall panelling.