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Selleys Tradie's Bog

Selleys Tradie

Tradies Bog is an easy to sand 2-part Polyester building filler for fast repairs to timber and most common building materials. (Available in Australia only)


Ideal for repairing window and door frames, architraves, skirting boards, sashes. Can be used on timber, plaster, plasterboard, concrete, bricks, metal, and tiles.

Product Range

Product Code: 930069712366401

  • Size & Pack Type: 550g
  • Color: Cream

Product Code: 930069712367101

  • Size & Pack Type: 900g
  • Color: Cream

Product Code: 930069712368801

  • Size & Pack Type: 2kg
  • Color: Cream

Technical Features

  • Easy to sand
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Sets hard in 20 minutes
  • Can be sawn, drilled, tapped, sanded and painted
  • Can be coloured with cement oxides or paint tinters (before adding hardener)

Application Tips

  • Selleys Tradie’s Bog will not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon

How to use

  1. Surface to be repaired should be clean, dry, unpainted and free from grease or oil.
  2. Dents in steel and aluminium body work can be punched or drilled to give a positive key for Selleys Tradie’s Bog if it is to be subjected to excessive vibration.
  3. Stir Selleys Tradie’s Bog before use. Extrude a 2.5cm length of hardener to every 20g (heaped tablespoon) of bog.
  4. Mix together thoroughly until hardener is evenly dispersed and a uniform colour is achieved. Working time varies between 3 to 8 minutes depending on temperature. For faster cure, or in cold weather, use more hardener.
  5. Apply with a putty knife slightly overfilling to allow for sanding. Where several separate fillings have to be made, use less hardener and take your time. Feather edges for a perfect finish.
  6. Any excess can be smoothed off easily with a Surform file or fine sandpaper before it becomes rock hard (between 20 and 30 minutes). Ordinary files or sandpaper may be used once rock hard (after about 30 minutes). Feather edges for a perfect finish.
  7. Paint with water or oil based paints.

Technical Details and Performance

Indicative information only, not to be used for setting specifications.


  • Resin: Cream paste
  • Hardener: Red paste

Working Time

  • 3-8 minutes @ 25°C

Set Time

20 minutes @25°C

Service Temperature Limits:

–28°C to +190°C

Lap Shear Tensile Adhesion Strength (on steel)

8000 kPa

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to fresh and salt water, acids, alkalis, oils