Silicone and other Sealants

Selleys Paint Over Sealant


Selleys Paint Over Sealant is a water based acrylic polymer sealant that is permanently paintable.


Ideal sealant around bricks & concrete, window frames, tiled and wooden fixtures, particularly when the sealant will be painted. Optimum adhesion is achieved on ceramics, glass, most metals, most plastic, rubber, glass and cement.

Application Tips

  • Should not be used in permanently damp locations, or in below ground or in below water line applications
  • May be discoloured by contact with alloys containing brass, copper or zinc
  • Do not use in freezing or rainy conditions. Protect from rain for at least 1 hour after application. Do not allow unused product to freeze.
  • Ability to accept paint is reduced over time
  • For a cleaner appearance mask both sides of joint prior to sealing. Remove tape before silicone skins.
  • To improve paintability with water based paints, wipe with detergent solution immediately before applying paint
  • Avoid smearing on surfaces which are to be painted as this may affect the paintability of these surfaces. Smears dry quicker than thick beads rendering the surface non paintable in less time.

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